Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Indeed Podcast #154 - Twitter Robots Telling Jokes

Welcome back to another show folk but without Caleb.  As he is in Utah at Nerdtacular 2015 which he plans a full report on next show.  Geek on Sir!   Weekly Roundup:   EM drive, or not to EM drive.  It is a question. Then we have Win 10, being hacked by a text...granted only if you have a fear of upgrading.  All the way to TWITTER banning copyrighted jokes.  What do you call.... [CENSORED].   Creepy or Cool:  Fake Caviar, well, your favorite food looking like caviar.   Can we look at the possibility of food in forms that are not natural.   Did you know: Keyboard layout and uncommon key usage.  Parting Thought: AI, Robots, and some big named science people.  Some folk ain't happy about them robots and just about formed a posse. 

Sit Back, Relax and kick your EM drive to on, wait forget that.  I think we just broke a law or two.  Dang.

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