Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Indeed Post-It - Spring Cleaning

So, the time is Winter has passed. Well for some of us.   But it is time for Spring Cleaning.   Now for most of you it is something we hear of but choose not to do.  This is a very bad thing.  Especially for a gamer.   This is a great time to clean up around your computer equipment and kill all the dust bunnies which only hinder the operations of your glorious machine.  Feel this primal urge, yes, it is it is a primal urge.  Let me explain.
                Spring is a time of renewal.  A process which we dust off everything we stored for winter and prepare for the challenges of the next three seasons.  This practice is suggested to go back to Persian New Year where they would practice “khooneh tekouni” which means Shake the House.  Granted it is a time where it was warm enough to open windows and clean out dust without insects being a problem.  This also relates to getting things straighten up, fields plowed, and repairs completed before the hot and balmy summer arrives.  We as a species have been in tune with the rest of the world around us to fulfill this action so we may survive until winter. 
                But you say, “Dude, I am a gamer…so what.”   To that I answer, it is all about the Dust you fool.   You should be aware that dust can kill equipment.  And if your system is down, then what?  Yeah, not so fun now, is it?   Now lets march on over to Mamby Pamby Land and find you some Self Awareness.  Twice a year it helps to pull out your system, clean it up.  Top to bottom, inside and out.  You should also look at rearranging your set up.  Move a desk or TV.  Renewal and rediscover what you have.  Then off to the gaming world you go.  Refresh, reequipped, and ready to discover awesomeness. 



  1. Good stuff. I shall exterminate dust around my work space.

  2. The Dust Bunnies are in great numbers around my desk.