Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Indeed Post-it - Attitude

It’s alright, I got this!   You heard this before?  If you are a gamer, you should have.  There is always that one player who brings this attitude to battle.  Sometimes it for a win, sometimes it’s a loss.  In the gaming world it is a challenge that one accepts to overcome odds that very much could be against them.  So how can that help you in real life?

Attitude is a feeling one has with regard to a person, thing or event.    It can be about a past tense issue, or an upcoming one.   I have always told my munchkins to approach events in life with a “can do” attitude.  Have the resources ready, be focused, just to be awesome.   Which I am proud that they do constantly.  Proved plenty of times over that they can and will achieve it.  But just the other day, one of them didn’t and the “I got this” turned out to be “D’oah”   Kind of like a Leeroy Jenkins issue.  They reexamined the issue, and found the fault and will make the next approach to win.   

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.”   Patton.  

This action for gamers is one we can associate in life in so many ways.   It can allow one to learn more, understand greater and produce results.   In truth, it can make your life happier.  That alone can help fuel and drive your attitude to the  next challenge.   Hero or the fool, you can learn to be better.   Accept it.  

It’s alright, I got this!

Be Awesome.


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  1. Word up, Tab. A winning attitude helps outside of gaming. I've been doing sales for 7+ years and I know that a positive attitude helps lead to success. This shit is ingrained in my personality. Good post, yo.