Thursday, April 30, 2015

Indeed Podcast #149 - Hal 9000 Beer Cooler

Show number 149 and we are all here in a odd and scatterbrain sort of way. Weekly Roundup finds us looking at the latest Apple Hack of loops to Gearheads getting the cold shoulder from car manufacturers.  Also a followup to coffee in space.   Creepy or CoolLow tech Beer Cooler.   I think folk in the Arctic have you beat, but this could be nice out back. . We also take a first look at a Fracture Space game from Steam.   Parting Thought   Surprise Musician concerts.   Quick look at one in Boise that surprised locals.

Sit Back, Relax avoid that WiFi.  Don't change the handle of your coffee cup or they might get you for copyright infringement.

Indeed show music is from Pop Overkill. Check out their facebook page!

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