Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Indeed Podcast #145 - Atomic_Kitten_Eyes_Remastered

Show number 145,  and we are recovering from much awesome D3 gaming.  Weekly Roundup Look at Atomic Toys, servers in Oregon, and   Creepy or Cool:   Zooming contact Lenses.   Lock in on those boobs... errr wait... Kickstater Spotlight:  Exploding Kittens...need we say more?  Parting Thought  Remastered Resident Evil.   With that, what else could use a remaster?   Let us know and we can see what Cool gifts we can send ya! Check out their Faceboook  Page!

Sit Back, Relax and keep blinking.  The view of that zombie is getting closer and it is not due to the lighting.

Indeed show music is from Pop Overkill. 
Check out their Faceboook  Page!

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Check out the new comic CLOUD SOURCED by Keefe.  Now open for business.

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