Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Show X - Episode 182 - Slipping a Knot over the Fasching

Ken and Wayne have been out having some fun this week. Ken went out and rocked to some Korn and Slipknot, then took care of business in Bristol, all to very fun times. Wayne was supporting his school's dance team at the Denver Nuggets Half-time show and got all dressed up for a German Festival. On the show, Ken is festive to celebrate Kopii's Birthday this last week and Wayne is trying to be Scottish by getting all Ned'ed up in his trackie. Ken has been spending a lot of time back in Skyrim, but fails to learn how to progress in Evolve. Wayne has received another Loot Crate and is still wondering who gave him such an amazing gift.

The guys get back into the news and catch up on a few weeks of gaming and tech with multiple announcements and rumors from Blizzard about the World of Warcraft. Microsoft has major announcements with their Windows 10 event, A man plays a social experiment on his son with video games, Chris Roberts finally gives pilots some much anticipated dates for Star Citizen, and Dragon Ball Z starts getting real.

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