Friday, December 5, 2014

Show X - Episode 174 - You have Star Wars in my Kingdom hearts!

Wayne goes solo today. Happy Turkey murder week in America. Wayne spends his time this week
dancing the nights away while watching the Redbull BC One world finals in France and the US Open for Westcoast swing. Wayne falls off the wagon to get ready for his trip to Scotland and feels the effects. Without Ken to stop him, Wayne splurges on his Anime watching and lets everyone know what good anime is out there to check out now, as well as one that you might want to stay away from. WoW has still been happening, but mostly as a Pokemon simulator and Titanfall may be the best FPS out right now.

In the Geekoscope Wayne looks at the evolution of video game graphics and some of the best custom PC builders available today. Activision doesn't want people to air their dirty laundry on the new Advanced Warfare and Evolve shows other games how DLC should be done. Finally, Wayne gets into things with friend of the show, Cupcheck as they discuss the new Star Wars trailer and the possibility of seeing Star Wars characters in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts game.

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