Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Show X - Episode 172 - Wayne gets all Bon Jovi

This is Wayne's week to kill things on the video stream... Everything is fixed right at 12 minutes in...
Ken hooks us up with some fitness and health advice this week and Wayne is trying to stay warm as winter has hit the midwest. To keep warm, Wayne reminds us of the fun of old movies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Cool Runnings. In Geek Cred, Ken has been setting up some Pathfinder and playing The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot! while Wayne gives us a recount on his latest Gamefest and plays some Broforce, Titanfall, Advanced Warfare and.... wait.... WHAT??? Some World of Warcraft???

In the Geek-O-Scope, Snapchat is finally on to Ken and updates their software to provide better protection, A JRPG hits the top of the Steam charts, YouTube is going all Pandora on us, Never Alone gets a release date, and Conservatives suddenly hate the internet.

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