Sunday, November 2, 2014

Show X - Episode 170 - Ken's Rookie Mistakes

Ken and Wayne wish everyone a happy Halloween and recount their Halloween adventures. Ken and
Kitten Features party it up hard for the holiday, while Wayne dresses up multiple times. Ken and KF suffer the ill effects of drinking as though they were still in University. Ken does some adventuring though many of the free games that Steam has to offer, discovering the amazing value of some games and several games that you get what you pay for. Eventually he hopes to get out of his League of Legends, Bronze level funk as he continues to try to rank up. Ken also discusses the movie Babadook.

Wayne continues to enjoy his new shiny graphics card and finds uses for it beyond just gaming. He is excited for Lt Fork to get hold of her new computer, so that she can join the PC Master race. Wayne finished playing the story mode for Defense Grid 2 and got to enjoy some flying around with his new Archwing upgrade in Warframe. This weekend was a Alpha experience in Evolve for a large portion of the VtW community and Wayne gives everyone the basics of the new game. If you can check it out, Wayne reccomends you check out the series, Arrow, as a step up on anything that Marvel has done with Hawkeye.

The gues discuss this week's gaming news with information on Dragon Age: Inquisition, Nintendo's work with Playboy, Blizzard's banhammer, and Mojang's new game, Scrolls.

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