Thursday, November 6, 2014

Indeed Post-It: A Gift of Awesome.

Humm, what is this, a Hump Day post-it and it’s Thursday?   Well, considering I have not posted in a while and this wall is pretty blank.  Why the heck not.

So I began to think when the question was asked by Roxy, “Curious: What was your most favorite gift you received from someone for your newborn baby?  I gave my opinion being something created for my kids.  But in truth, what is the best gift you ever received?   Car, Jewelry, or a Tribble?  Was it a secret gift? Or was it a birthday gift?   Then, what do you call a gift.  That leads us into a whole different direction.  Which I do not want to get into. 
                As for me one of my favorite gifts happened to be a picture I received during a Secret Santa exchange back when I work part time at Toys R Us.  The rules were set as nothing over $10.00 and nothing crude or disgusting.  Granted with some of the people I worked with…this was no easy task.  Bunch of perverts.  So my name happen to fall into the hands of one of the floor stockers who I called Super G (Galina).  A quick, and extremely polite Russian gal who I enjoyed working with.  Both her and I have a taste for art and sketching of papers during our breaks.  So when it came down to the Secret Santa time,  I happen to get  my  gift from someone in a frame.   As I opened it up I quickly noticed it was a hand sketch of me, carrying all the items we carry at Toys R Us that I usually bring up when called upon.  With a stuff Moose off to the side for personal Epicness.  I knew right away who my Secret Santa was, and happened to be a simple yet amazing creation that some would say was nothing more than stick figures.  But the thought, creativity, and heart put into it shown more than any other gift that night.  Which is the point.  Some of the best gifts are the ones created.  Not out of haste, but out of time, and care that a person puts into something that there is no equal to.  It is that bit of understanding that adds a special kind of value that money has to place for.  Small gifts like this never lose their value and will always mean something to you. 
                As for a gift that is special for a newborn?   Well, for my two kids, it was a handmade quilt that was created by their grandmothers.  Practical, and special.  Something that has no equal to.  As for me, I found a nice home for that one of a kind picture.  On my dresser, so each morning I am reminded that it is the personal touch to things that make lives better.  So I smile and I start my day.  Thank you Super G!

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