Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Indeed MASHUP – Shows 100 thru 109

Welcome to the second Indeed Mashup.   Before a show is active for download, we produce a Mashup of the more notable moments that we use on the following show.  These are Mashups.  This set are from the following shows.
Indeed Podcast #100 – Holy Mothfull of Scooby Snacks
Indeed Podcast #101 – Pootastic Cyborg Cockroach
Indeed Podcast #102 – Chinese Cocaine Oreos
Indeed Podcast #103 – Bullies Beware of my Junk
Indeed Podcast #104 – My Cryptolock Wallet
Indeed Podcast #105 – Worldwide Fbomb Pageviews
Indeed Podcast #106 – Come Pet my Selfie
Indeed Podcast #107 -Frozen Amazon Drones
Indeed Podcast #108 -NASA Noobs Trollin BGs
Indeed Podcast #109 -Social Disorder butt Controllers

Stay tune for more mashup of mashups in the future.

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