Monday, October 20, 2014

Indeed Podcast #138 – GoGo Anti-Inspector Gadget

Welcome to a new Indeed Podcast.  No Kerry, no worry.   We have a piece of cheese.  Weekly Roundup  Right off the start we have a VR game of the Bat cave.  Then we find out that Twitter sues the government.  Police making a Facebook account of people locked up in their jails to Comcast getting a complainer fired from their job.  Creepy or Cool: Ever wanted a anti gadget-gadget?  We got one for ya.     Parting Thought    Google Glass on Police?   One department decided to test it out.  We will tell you were not to go if they are looking for you.
Sit Back, Relax and get your gadgets in order.  The eyes are looking for you, and your protection may be nothing more than a piece of rubber.

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