Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Show X - Episode 160 - A Kitten Returns

Wayne and Ken are joined this week by a lovely young Kitten who has returned to Scotland to be with her
husband. Ken and Kitten are starting to realize that Ken's massive flat isn't quite so big with two people in it. Wayne witnessed The Giver and danced the night away at Block 1750. Ken didn't have any time to be geeky this week as he had to entertain his kitten, but Wayne managed to fix his PS3. With news this week, Ken manages to slip in more World of Warcraft news and is looking forward to Defense Grid 2 and Bioware's new Shadow Realms RPG. Wayne is a bit worried about Twitch's new policies on music being streamed and both hosts salivate over the idea of a new Canon 7D Mark II hitting the market.

Show Notes:

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URL: http://media.blubrry.com/showx/media.vtwproductions.com/archive/showx/vtw-showx-2014-08-17.mp3
Enclosure: http://media.blubrry.com/showx/media.vtwproductions.com/archive/showx/vtw-showx-2014-08-17.mp3

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