Sunday, July 6, 2014

Show X - Episode 155 - America's Meat Fetish

Happy Birthday 'Murica!
Wayne and his American bretheren celebrate their countries birthday this week with lots of red meat and explosives. Woo Hoo, Red White and Blue... Somehow, Ken is not as festive about this as Wayne. Ken's family gets recognized by teh Queen, like that is a big deal or something... Then the guys spend some time discussing their enjoyment of Tomb Raider, since Ken has finally finished it. Ken also shows off his creativity in Minecraft. Wayne has been watching some Anime again, as he catches the first episode of Sailro Moon Crystal... And he likes it. He also finised rewatching Samurai Champloo. Unfortunately Wayne is stuck in his 3D printing, due to all of his hot ends getting plugged :(

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