Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Indeed Podcast #127 - NakedDroneaphobia

Indeed Drone SpyWelcome to a new Indeed Podcast.  ROXY joins us tonight as Caleb is at N14.  Weekly Roundup Takes is back to Apple (again) and them remaking Suri from the ground up.  A Granny buys an forgotten arcade, Gigabit WiFi services.  Creepy or Cool goes to the cutting edge tech in car delivery at a airport.  SAY WHAT gives up Jedi Powers.  NEW segment, Things you didn't know: all about Drones in Seattle.  Our Parting Thought brings us being test pigs in the eyes of Facebook.

Sit Back, Relax and find that cheese.  It's only a maze afterall and you are being watched by a Drone.

Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at indeedpodcast@gmail.com or find us on Facebook, itunes.

This shows Music is “Charlene” by The Humberts

*This show is for KOPII, you are the BEST Ninja gift giver EVER!!!


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