Thursday, May 8, 2014

Show X - Episode 146 - May the Fourth be with you

Wayne and Ken are busy again this week. Ken is too busy to do any LAN partying, but finds time to have a few drinks for the show. Ken apparently has found the few communists who exist in Scotland as well. Wayne only found time to do some dancing outside of being a geek all weekend with another convention. Wayne shares his experiences from Starland / Starfest 2014 as well as pictures for everyone to see on the YouTube feed. You can check out the gallery of photos from the link in the show notes. Ken finally catches
up with the times as he has started to explore modding on Skyrim... Wait didn't Wayne do that like a year ago... And Wayne even went so far as to dress up for the Sci-Fi weekend as Shepard Book from Firefly.

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