Saturday, May 10, 2014

Indeed Sketchbook #007 – Bill Holbrook of Kevin_and_Kell

Welcome to a brand new Indeed Sketchbook.  Today we have a very special guest.  Famous in both the print and online world of comics.  Holding the title of the longest running online comic, and all around awesome guy.  Bill Holbrook creator of On the Fasttrack, Safe Havens, and Kevin & Kell.  Bill brings us the foundation of his creative works and stories of the process to create three different comics every day of the week.  Crazy?  Yeah we know, but we admire him for it.  Will there be spoilers, maaaybe.  Kinda, sorta…you need to listen to find out.

Sit Back, Relax, and hide in your rabbit hole, because it’s Herd Thinning Season and you are Prey.  Unless you are married to the wolf.

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