Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Indeed Podcast #121 – Snowdens Body Blowing Sea Levels

Welcome back to another Indeed Podcast in this fine day of MAY.  Today special guest to fill in for Keefe and Kerry, Wayne (Docdead) from Show XWeekly Round-up we look at AT&T with their eyes on Google then off to discussion of where space begins, and finally a Edward Snowden Movie?  Creepy or Cool brings us a quick blow…drying device.  We have a Say What moment where games goes to die.  Our Parting Thought takes us to NASA and their presentation of the future in 200 years where the water level is up 10 feet.
 Sit Back, Relax, and build your spaceship.  By the time the sea levels rise, that meteor will hit us or some alien race will kick our butts.  It is time to move.

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This shows Music is “Chosen Kale Mazel Tov” by The Underscore Orkestra


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