Thursday, May 29, 2014

Disney Geek I/O Episode 16

Welcome to Disney Geek I/O, episode 16 recorded Wednesday, May 28, 2014! I'm your host CJ Boat, and joining me to help you in your journey this week through the House of Mouse, Rachel Boat (Hi from Rachel), and from Disneyland's back yard, Lesley Victorine! On this episode, we're not going to do much / any news, but both of our parties spent some time in the parks, and we want to do a ALL PARKS SHOW! WDW NEWS SPONSOR: TeeFury PARKS DISCUSSION! TIP SPONSOR: Seralago Hotel! TIP OF THE WEEK / DISCUSSION: Behavior in the parks series Week 1: Queues CJ: DO NOT: Yell at the cast members Lesley: DO NOT: Hold a space in line for 50 people Rachel: DO : Control your children Lesley: DO NOT: Turn your back on your children / party Rachel: DO NOT: Expect your private conversation to stay private in a public area. CJ: DO: Take personal space (or lack thereof) in mind. Lesley: DO: Be polite! Rachel: DO: Expect ALL children! ALL: DO! SHARE THE MAGIC! Kirby: TVListings If you want to contact the show, please send an email to Rachel: Also want to thank the great and talented Darrell Shayler for his artwork for the site as well as our mascot, Mike T. Geek. If you want more information, or want to get in touch with him, please email us at, and we can get you more information. CJ:Finally, we record every OTHER (usually) Sunday at 10 PM Eastern, join us over at, or you can find the archive at Anything else from my esteemed co-horts? Then, we will close the show out with a Keep Calm, Geek Out, and See Y'all again REAL Soon! Disney Geek I/O Audio Archive


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