Monday, April 28, 2014

Indeed Podcast #120 – Ninja App Insect Force

Welcome to another Indeed Podcast.  Today’s special guest is non other than Andrew Vanderbeek from Boise.  Weekly RoundUp finds us asking the FBI about Drone Usage to Glassholes, as well as the lost art of Lego building.    Creepy or Cool gives us a app to be that ninja in tracking your friends, or just a really good app for stalkers.  We have a Awesome moment when we talk about Civ V in Space.  Finally our Thought for the Night brings us to Steam.  We look at some of the most underplayed games out there.  

Sit Back, Relax, and activate your app.  Your friends are stalking you and this is no time to pretend it didn’t happen.

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This shows Music is “Sweet Georgia Brown” by Latch Swing


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