Monday, April 14, 2014

Indeed Podcast #119 – My Flying Dragon of XP

Welcome to another Indeed Podcast.  Been a while, but we have all 4 host on tonight.  Special, I tell you what.  Weekly roundup looks at 3 stories on we are mad, BRO.  Either it is the content or the difficulty of the content which makes us jerks on the internet.  Depends on who is paying for the research i guess.  Creepy or Cool gives us our own flying dragons, for a price.  used for either drone protection or terrorizing elementary kids.  The entertainment is endless.  A DERP moment for you. BSG rebooted.  WHAT the … yeah  we thought so.  The parting thought tonight was look back at the end of XP, and the long line of other OS’s that have long passed into history.   We miss you 2000.

Sit Back, Relax, and reboot that Windows system.  Time to finally upgrade off of that TRS-80.  Seriously, the kids are laughing at you.

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This shows Music is “If I die in Battle” by Van Canto


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