Sunday, March 23, 2014

Show X - Episode 140 - Water Vapors to rule the gaming world

This week, Ken tries to kill himself yet again, while Wayne tries to kill a beer. Ken has a quick discussion on what it means to be charitable and there is a Reid that has gotten sucked back into Runescape... But it's not Ken? Wayne is spending a week celebrating people's birthdays and both gents play their standard fill of League of Legends. Ken is still coding like a good little programmer while Wayne finished up the anime, Kill La Kill.

The boys are joined by good friends of the show, ThePCTech and Kur0, to discuss the main topic of the show, Valve and thier boiling water projects. What is Valve currently up to? How will their vision of Steam effect PC Gamers and potentially gamers of all kinds? Does this technology even really work? Streaming, OS'es, Boxes and more.

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