Sunday, March 16, 2014

Show X - Episode 139 - Ken’s rejection of the PC Master Race

Ken and Wayne are on the airwaves again. Ken kicks things off by letting everyone know how much he dislikes things like impressionism and dieties. It must be due to his new haircut... Wayne decides that blowing out his thighs by skiing all day and doing martial arts is the best way to work out. He also lets everyone know about his love of Legos and the Legos' Movie. Ken makes a crazy statement after discussing how much fun he had playing Loadout, that he is going to give up real PC gaming in favor of doing things like coding and going outside. He thinks he can survive with just his MAC...

The guys also look at new input devices from Razer and Valve, another new 3d printer, and Wayne is squeeing over the chance to get an updated version of Homeworld!

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