Sunday, March 9, 2014

Show X - Episode 138 - Ken loses a Kitten, almost a bike, but rocks at Civ and Monopoly

Ken gets back to gaming as Kitten Features has to head back across the pond. Ken explains that the best defense against theft is to have broken things. Wayne continues to attempt to break himself with both dance and martial arts. Ken sends KF off with a proper arse whooping at games, so that she remembers who is boss ;)

Ken does some movie watching, letting us know about Thor 2, Lake Mungo, and the Knights of Badassdom. On the other hand, Wayne watches some anime with Kill la Kill.

The boys play some League of Legends and the VtW Gaming Clan has a new Platoon in Battlefield 4.

The PC master race continues to excel with 4k gaming and 60fps with the new games Watch Dogs and Dark Souls II.

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