Tuesday, February 4, 2014

TomBadguy.com Says Good-bye

Hey everyone -

Just giving you guys a heads up of what has been going on as of late. Let me be straight forward to start(I wouldn't think you guys would expect any less from me), TomBadguy.com will be no more. I have decided to combine my efforts with VTW Productions. Starting now, all my content will now be placed on VTW instead of here. Of course, I will leave this site up and everyone can still scroll through and check out all the content I've done over the last couple of years. If you want to see new content, head over to [www.VtWProductions.com][1]. No content has really been posted recently due to this change and working on the new VTW website. I felt consolidating efforts into one website rather than two works better for me. Plus, who wouldn't want to work with the great folks over at VTW?

I've had a great run with everything here. Pretty much I'm going to let the website run with the tombadguy.com domain until it expires, then it be back to the blogspot.com domain. I'm also not sure if I'm going to transfer the current content over to VTW(more than likely I will, that would make the most sense).

the most sense).

So, come by new VTW home to check out my continuing work. VTW is also a site using Blogger to please subscribe to the Blogger Feed! And as always, you can be notified about all my new posts just by following me on Twitter. My continuous content on VTW will be:

- Reviews
- Tales or Relevant Thought
- 5 Reasons 2 Hate
- And whatever else I come up with!

Thanks for all comments and support everyone, I really appreciate it! I hope you continue to follow me as a transition to a new web chapter in my life...yeah, that sounded as gay as I thought.

- Tom Badguy

[1]: http://www.vtwproductions.com/

URL: http://www.tombadguy.com/2014/02/tombadguycom-says-good-bye.html

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