Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Android Realm Game Review Dungeon Keeper

Do you like the idea of building your own lair? Want a fun and lighthearted tower defense game? Dungeon Keeper may be the game for you!

After installing the game, there may be an additional download for extra content so be sure to be on Wifi to account for this. Players can also login to their Google+ account to be on Google Play leaderboards for achievements as well.

Once the player gets into the game proper, there is a brief tutorial on how to build the lair, get workers to destroy blocks, attacking & defending with enemeies, etc. Once complete, the user can then build up their lair to expand their area for more collection items like stones, gems, etc.

For easy comparison, the game is similar to Farmville or games of that style but with cartoonish demons and lighthearted dark theme.

[Google Play - $Free][1]

[ ![Screenshot_2014-02-12-21-44-34.png][2]
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][7] [ ![Screenshot_2014-02-12-21-51-46.png][8]
][9] [ ![Screenshot_2014-02-12-22-05-02.png][10]



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