Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Android Realm App Review - EverythingMe Launcher

Getting new content without moving away from the stock Android experience has generally been a difficult process. While launchers solve the homescreen solution for organizing apps with apps and widgets helping with content, merging the two is always difficult. EverythingMe solves this by providing the context right from your homescreen.

After installation, a brief walkthrough shows the features it adds to a stock Android launcher experience. The feature brought forward from other launchers is to customize the number of homescreens but here is where this launcher parts ways. The folder system is an enhanced to be more than just groups of apps. Dragging two apps together will create a group of similar apps installed and recommended website and other apps. For example, creating a folder with Pandora and Pocket Casts will add other apps like Google Play Music and Shazaam with links to sites like SoundCloud and Lyrics.com.

On the homescreen itself is a permanent clock widget which links to the clock and switches to recently opened apps and a link to a feature called 'My Day' which provides weather at the right time along with upcoming events and applicable services the user may need throughut the day.

The final feature is the 'Find' search bar which searches the user's device for content and apps along with doing a web search for new content matching the search term. Voice search is included if the user wants prefers that method of searching.

Overall launcher performance is very snappy, even with background folder images changing by content type. The only feature "missing" is the ability to customize the size of the homescreen as by default the homescreen grid is set to 4x3 (or 4x4 without the Find bar). Otherwise, this launcher shows lots of promise in content discovery right on the Android homescreen(s).

[Google Play - $Free][1]

_(Requires Android 4.0+)_

[1]: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.everything.launcher

URL: http://www.geek-io.com/theandroidrealm/2014/2/4/the-android-realm-app-review-everythingme-launcher

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