Monday, February 24, 2014

The Android Realm App Review A Better Camera


Do you like HTC's Zoey feature? Want Samsung's auto-removal feature? Love HDR pictures and panoramsas? A Better Camera can help you with all of the above!

Rather than have multiple apps to have all these features or be limited to specific devices, the developer has created an "all-in-one" app to use your device's camera capabilities to provide these features. To start, the camera has basic functions like a single shot camera, panorama mode, and a video camera to help get used to the controls and navigation around this app. Other features like burst mode, group mode and night mode are available for general use photos.

To get the HTC Zoey feature, switch to 'Preshot.' This will take start taking a short video (with a 1-10 second preroll) to allow for people who blink, take a little bit to get their smile or for shifting in position. Once the picture is done, the user can slide through the picture to keep the one that looked the best.

To use the Samsung like person or object removal feature, simply switch to 'Object Removal' mode. This will take a series of pictures (any # from 5-8 which can be adjusted in the settings) then put a circle around objects that can be changed so if a person needs to be removed or someone blinked, then touching that part of the picture will change it to the part the user likes. In the settings for this feature, the elapsed time can also be adjusted if minor changes are needed (i.e. fast motion changes like a bike rider moving through the background) or a little longer (i.e. blinking eyes, shifts in smiles or photobombing).

The third feature users might enjoy are the sequence shots. If watching a play or something with lots of moving, this mode will help with getting a sequence of shots to pick the best one and delete any pictures not desired. Group shot pictures work in the same way except the user selects the base image and add images with better shots of individuals.

The app itself comes in free and paid version (with the paid version unlocking high resolution panorama mode, merging movie objects, and the limit on group shots). The paid features can be unlocked individually or all together at a lower price.

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