Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Indeed Post-It: Sim Life and Death

Another Wednesday, another Post-it.   Today we look at conquering that little guy feeling.   The one where you feel that work is all around you which has a wicked vendetta against you.  Kinda like some of your Exes.  But there are a few games which allow us to be the big guy.  To push the path of destiny for others.  To play God, in a round and about way.
                I recently purchased a game called Banished from Steam.  A Sim with deals with the hardships of a township startup.   This is one of the games with life and death play a pretty big role in the development of the Sims and every decision you make impacts them for the good or bad.  This is in the same flow as Children of the Nile, but in Egyptian times.  This sort of games deal with management of Sims with jobs, home, health and religion.  You build on the fact that every building has a purpose, and if you stray too far from home, you die.  Death being the ending factor.   You can always look at Sims 3 and have direct contact with each Sim where the world around may not be a factor, but your input will.  A easy to play, and quick to learn (never cook without learning it first) experience.  Then we have Sim City. Games where we take large numbers of Sims, and direct, grow, and build up the environment only to have the ability to have it all crash down in a ball of flame,  or an earthquake, volcano, flood, Monster attack, Alien invasion, or whatever.  All of these allow you to have a impact of little lives that are not your own, and have little to no care when disaster strikes.
                So, when you feel you have no control of your life, and the environment around you is too much for you to control.   Try one of these games.  Get lost in the feel of power you have over others.  Just be ready with you are finished. Open your front door slowly and watch the skies.


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