Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Indeed Post-It: Legacy.

Today I write this one with a heavy heart.  Granted there is still a mid-week lesson to be learned.  However, still a hard one.
            Yesterday I had to go to the hospital to say goodbye for the last time to a friend and a co-worker for many years.  She was always my fall back gal for programming needs and when I needed a fresh direction to the project that we worked on together.  She wasn’t the most skilled in computers, but she was a past manager and could see things from a unique perspective.  Both her and I trained as teachers in college but ended up in the food industry as managers.  From there we each worked our way to a corporate office where our skills help drive new programs in restaurant management.  After her fight with cancer, she has found herself on the losing battle and time is now against her.  When she left in December last year, I never thought of the fact that I would not see her back at work again.  It was always, “We will manage until she gets back.”  Which I did.  I was her computer guy and was willing to step it up until she returns.   Now, she will not do so.
                I point this out as because during the trek in our lives will have others join us. The people we meet and interact with become a part of the path that only you make.  When I spoke of “The Little Things” a few post ago, I stressed on the fact on when you leave an impression with others it will last a lifetime and even longer.  Because of the social creatures we are, we find ways to always remember them.  In the written word, pictures, tall tales and dreams.  When I joke about being around for 4500 years, in a way I could mean just that.  I feel some souls get multiple passed on earth to grow and change and to help guide lost souls only to become better and stronger.  You can argue, you can bark on how stupid this is.  Be my guest.  Remember, it is the impression you are leaving with others when you do.  Your legacy. 
                So Jackie.  I will miss you.  Safe trip my friend.  You get to move on to the next adventure you so richly deserve.  If God allows you to return to help others, I hope we meet once more, where I can return the favor with all the help you gave me.


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