Sunday, February 2, 2014

Indeed Podcast #113 – Flatulent_Security_Cows

[![Indeed Security][1]][2]Welcome back to a new and ….Well, just New Indeed Podcast.  We have special guest Cain from Tek Syndicate all the way from New York to join us.  Weekly Round-Up has us talking about Cows, a not so dieing Facebook, TMNT, and Who's you daddy Craigslist.  [**Creepy or Cool**][3] is all about the Boobies and unlocking them with True-Love. We have a [**Gotta have it **][4]moment where we all can be live Aquaman, except not talking to fish, and to potential of death. Or Main Event looks at Internet Security.  What we are doing about it.  Also a few wonder tips to protect yourself.  As well as were we are going with it.
_Sit Back, Relax, and close your wallet.  We already have your info and thanks for that new 100 inch TV.  It will look Great in my livingroom at my second house in Montana._
Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at **_indeedpodcast@gmail.com_** or find us on **[Facebook][5],** [itunes][6].
_This shows Music is **"Jezebel"** by _**The Moto Gators**   _at**  [**Free Music Archive**][7].
_Stop by to hear us on _[_**Versus the World**_][8]_, as well as plenty other Podcast in this community.**  Take a listen and enjoy**_
ALSO: subscribe to [**Tek Syndicate **][9]and all their amazing vids.  Let them inform you on all the new Tech out there.

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[8]: (VtW)
[9]: (Tek Syndicate)

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