Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How It Stacks #18: Clue (Board Game [1986] and Movie [1985])

Sorry for the delayed post everyone, someone killed our hosting access, it took us a week to figure it out but finally the truth is revealed: It was Scarlet in the Library with the Rope!!! That should give it away but in the case it doesn't… The How It Stacks trio is stacking Clue! Both the game and the movie. The guys and their gals (Mrs. JD and Mrs. Bulldog) got together and played clue live at the Coffee Loft (local coffee shop) and had a epic game that came down to the wire where Bulldog showed his true loyalty [just kidding Bulldog] It was full of one liners by Professor Willis and some half way decent quips by JD. Trivia wars is almost over as the Professor tries to get caught up to JD. While Bulldog needs just one more win to be tied but things get a little heated during this one as both combatants give it their all!! As for the show, it's a unique one for the guys as they cover a
topic that wasn't huge for them but is still a pop culture phenomenon. The How It Stacks crew is still full of the funnies that you have come expect. They are back and better than ever!! Direct Link: Episode #18 - Clue (1986 Boardgame and Movie)Direct Link: Episode #18.5 - Bonus Content: Clue Gameplay Audio Special thanks to Anamanaguchi and Frank Turner for our music and to The Geek I/O Podcast Network for hosting our show! Geek I/O is currently taking a survey of all their listeners. Please click the banner in the show post via the website (www.geek-io.com/howitstacks) or the picture/link below. This is a brief survey to help us get to know you and what you like about our shows! They have also started a new way to support the network: monthly subscriptions, starting as low as $1/month! Currently this is a way for the network to improve the website and get new equipment, and help pay for miscellaneous network expenses. But if we start receiving enough sponsors there is a possibility to go ad free! Visit the Patreon site for full details, and to sign up! Full survey Short Survey Our Sponsors: Tweaked Audio (www.TweakedAudio.com): use the code "geek" to receive free shipping and 33% off your order! ProXPN (www.ProXPN.com): use the code "geek20" to receive 20% off your membership (normally $6.25/month).
URL: http://www.geek-io.com/howitstacks/2014/1/30/how-it-stacks-episode-18-clue-1986-board-game-and-movie
Enclosure: http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/geekionetwork.squarespace.com/storage/How%20It%20Stacks%20-%20Episode%2018%20-%20Clue%20Show%20Mixdown%201.mp3

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