Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Android Realm App Review Beats Music

Love Beats Headphones? Want a curated streaming music service that fits your needs and those of your friends and people you follow? Then Beats Music may be the service for you.

Beats Music is the curated music store where the user does the actual curation. If you are wondering how good or bad it is, the user can create a free account to get a 7-day free trial (3 months with eligible AT&T accounts) with no credit card required at sign-up to test out the service. After the trial period ends, pricing is currently set at $9.99/mo or $119.88/yr.

Once the free app is installed from the Play Store, the user logs in with their account (by Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail). The initial setup takes the user through picking preferred genres then preferred artists. If there are genres or artists the user doesn't like or want, they can be removed here as well. Various changes can be made to the user's profile in-app as well like the profile picture and bio.

What sets Beats Music apart from other streaming services are categories for pre-selected music, random music, highlights, and finding music to stream content the user may know but also new or other related content. By following friends and artists, the user can interact with their favorite artists and also get recommendations for music their friends are listening to.

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