Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Downunder Colorado 26 - Getting The Job Done Early

Show Notes: Welcome to Downunder Colorado, where the only thing smaller than our budget is our audience. On this episode of Downunder Colorado, No twitter abuse for you, BMW Drivers Suck, Judge bribed to send more black teens to detention centers and more on this episode of Downunder Colorado! ( 74 minutes) Topics: Twitter to add anti-abuse button BMW Drivers suck: Judge bribed to send more black teens to "for profit" detention centers Segment sponsored by:Tweeked Audio: ( - offer code 'geek') Other Links: Podcasts/Games/Things we are doing/Listening to: Dale: NOT MUCH WORTH TALKING ABOUT! Except for hackers getting to my Google Drive, Getting back into simple photography and the university assignment that required me to go out to brunch. Doug: Got confirmation on which panels I will be on at Dragon Con, working on an RPG game (Frogpants themed) Zay: Car stuff.. long drives.. massive amounts of rain and thunder (thunder terrifying the cats of course) Where you can find the show: If you have any questions, topics, feedback, complaints, or anything at all, send your emails to or comment to our Twitter at All of our episodes (complete with FULL shownotes) are over at where you can subscribe to the podcast. You will be notified automatically when a new show comes out. As always, you can give us a call at (719) 445-6696 (US only), +617 310 325 28 (Aussies only) or skype dale at chefwonder if you anything cool to add! Downunder Colorado are members of the Geek IO and Chefwonder Podcast networks. Geek IO can be found over at and Chefwonder can be found Thanks to Squarespace for powering the Chefwonder site. We're now on iTunes! Be sure to subscribe and if you like the show (or not), please leave a review and we will read it on the show! Also, You can find all of the Chefwonder Media programing over on YouTube at, where you can find us as well as Ruff Cuts, the music review podcast Where you can find us: Dale: Doug: Zay:


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