Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Geek I/O! Episode 8: I Burnt My Meatloaf - Repost

Sorry for the mix-up! This post has the correct episode audio! This week on Geek I/O, we were joined by the best tech and game reviewer on the Geek I/O staff, the always wonderful Raul Garza! There may have even been a wild CJ lurking about munching curly fries. We discussed strange Netflix behavior, you can't find Raul on Google maps or any map, CJ has a League of Legends problem, Jaz has Tiny Tower shame, Budlong's homemade chicken fingers, ISP's finally band together (to devise a draconian anti-piracy system), G+ API, stretchy batteries, Canadians actually get upset about something, MYO one armed gesture control, Trekkies name one of Pluto's moons, and a Google Nexus is launched into space! Plus! CJ recounts his insane day in a real-life Die Hard type situation! Yikes! In this week's Rant and Review, we brought the torture that was video game movie month to a close with yet another Uwe Boll movie: Bloodrayne. How awkward was our first time? About as awkward as Michelle Rodriguez's "accent". Can Budlong explain how a barrel of putrid monkey water somehow became holy? Were mullets in style in the 1800's? Do you really want Meat Loaf in the middle of your Romanian prostitute orgy? Join us, won't you? Just try not to "fall in love". Check out our forums for show notes. Music brought to you by I Fight Dragons, help the world support them at, purchase their CD KABOOM! on Amazon. Music during the show is by Andrew Allen, you can purchase the CD Smooth Federation on Amazon. Email us at, subscribe on iTunes, or find us on Stitcher (use code tadpooltech and help us out a bit). This episode brought to you by SQUARESPACE. Want a quick, easy, professional or fun website or blog? Want an amazing host for your podcast? Try Squarespace free for 15 days (no credit card needed), then take 10% off of your first order! Geek IO is also brought to you by Tweaked Audio! 7 colors, 7 types, ultra durable AND sound AMAZING! Both with and without microphones as well, so you can sound awesome on your iPhone, Galaxy S3, Nexus 4 or pretty much ANYTHING else! Use the code "GEEK" at checkout to get 1/3 off AND free shipping! Geek I/O episode 8


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