Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Geek I/O Special 1: Geek I/O Watches: Repo, the Genetic Opera!

So, we decided last week on the show to watch Repo for this week's Rants & Reviews, so CJ had a radical idea: let's watch it all together and snark all over it! This was a great idea! We have a ton of fun with it, and you can listen to it here, or watch our reactions (Budlong's were great!) over at our youtube channel!

URL: http://www.geek-io.com/geekioshow/2013/1/22/geek-io-special-1-geek-io-watches-repo-the-genetic-opera
Enclosure: http://static.squarespace.com/static/50bea065e4b066c23fcf5491/t/50ff392ce4b049ab9e8a8715/1358903596147/Geek%20I_O%20Watches-%20Repo-%20The%20Genetic%20Opera!.mp3

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