Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tadpool Tech is now Geek I/O!

Hello everyone!'

I know you all loved Tadpool Tech, so did we! But, there are times when things must make a change, and this is a new year, and we are a new cast! Geek I/O! "Put Geek in, and Geek out!" We have a new site,, a new email,, and some new love!

Do you subscribe on iTunes? We'll run everything on the old Tadpool Tech link for a while, but will eventually transfer everything over to the new feed, which will be submitted before the first official episode of Geek I/O on Jan 9th (doing a 2012 review with Ali Spagnola AND Marlissa Doss, LIVE!) for right now, go ahead and use the old TT stuff (amazon, etc.) until we get everything switched over, which should be before the 9th of Jan.


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