Friday, December 21, 2012

Tadpool Tech! Episode 55: “We're Crazy and Very Nice”

This week we doubled up on our guestitude for a geeky end of the year fun time. We are joined by the precious Mary Lang and pedantic Kirby Bartley-Sloan from the 20MB Dr. Who Podcast. So, grab your companion and your sonic screwdriver, because things are about to get geeky. We discuss Dr. Who (go figure), Ingress, public domain books for your Kindle, Instagram hullabaloo, humble indie bundle time again, Lindsey Stirling smashing pots, a Canadian invisibility cloak, Google makes finding porn a little harder (that's what she said), and a song about bacon! Plus! The gang takes a few minutes to get a little serious and reflect on the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. Hugs, love, and happy thoughts to all effected by that terrible event. Don't worry about things getting too serious though. We get things lightened back up with a reading of 50 Shades of Gray by George Takei. Yeah, you read that right. In this week's Rant and Review, we watch 2000's Battle Royale. Did The Hunger Games totally rip it off? What will you learn from the "How to fight to the death" instructional video? Will math help you win the Battle Royale? What does the creepy painting mean? Can anything stop Japanese Johnny Depp? Join us in this fight to the death! Podcast to the death? I dunno. Come at me, bro! Tadpool Tech episode 55


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