Friday, November 30, 2012

Tadpool Tech! Episode 52: "Every Time you Pet your Snake, your DSL Dies"

This week Tadpool Tech turns one year old! It's been a wild and crazy ride, we've come a long way, and we're looking forward where this next year will take us. In celebration of our one year anniversary, we had a very distinguished (or something like that) guest of honor. The man who inspired us to start this podcast, Mr. Scott Johnson. Many thousand thanks to you, sir, for taking time out of your very busy schedule to hang out with us nerds. We discuss dead bodies in rivers, CJ and Rachel's new shiny, bad movie adaptations of novels, a tiny new Wii, NASA's plans to build a warp drive, a prequel to Hitchcock's Psycho that somehow takes place after the original, Joesph Gordin-Levitt is Batman, Apple's maps manager gets pink slipped, and Google's Ingress. Plus! Scott Johnson pets his snake! On this week's Rant and Review, we watch "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia" at the suggestion of Mr. Scott Johnson. Are their antics funny or sad? Do they remind CJ a little too much of his family? Do they remind Jarred a little too much of his family? Is Jesco White Charlie Sheen with a beard? What would you do at your rehab party? Can a man survive being shot in the face twice with a shotgun? All this and more on the one year anniversary show of Tadpool Tech! Join us, won't you? Just don't listen to the first episode. Please. Don't ever listen to episode one. ELP US OUT! CHECK OUT OUR KICKSTARTER! WE ARE LOOKING TO START UP NEW PODCASTS! Check out our forums for show notes. Music brought to you by I Fight Dragons, help the world support them at, purchase their CD KABOOM! on Amazon. Music during the show is by Andrew Allen, you can purchase the CD Smooth Federation on Amazon. Email us at, subscribe on iTunes, or find us on Stitcher (use code tadpooltech and hellp us out a bit). This episode brought to you by SQUARESPACE. Want a quick, easy, professional or fun website or blog? Want an amazing host for your podcast? Try Squarespace free for 15 days (no credit card needed), then take 10% off of your first order by using tadpooltech11 AND Amazon, you can shop for ANYTHING on by clicking the banner on our site! Tadpool Tech episode 52


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