Friday, November 23, 2012

Tadpool Tech! Episode 51: “Say Internet One More Time!”

This week on Tadpool Tech, we are joined by the unrivaled Sekani of the BGM podcast. He took this train called Tadpool Tech and drove it off the rails in a flaming ball of ranting madness. Madness! The results were...dare I say...spectacular. Not to mention he brought his own BGM (Background Music...ah ha!) to spice things up and give CJ one less task to derp. We discuss lots of gaming (and Jarred's lack thereof), Sex is better than Facebook (conclusive proof), a robot to help out your grandma, Star Trek star ships destroying planets, Assassin's Creed card game, and a Colorado UFO. Plus! Curiosity finds that the radiation on Mars is safe for humans! Get your ass to Mars! In this week's Rant and Review, we take a look at the pilot of the CW show Arrow. Will CJ's ploy to get Jarred hooked on the show work? Will the parkour outweigh the shaky cam? Will this be CW's new Smallville? Are bows and arrows cool enough? Is that a smoke monster on that island? Will you join us on this space ship careening out of control that will end in an anti-clamactic explosion because you can't have explosions in space? We'll try not to destroy any star systems. HELP US OUT! CHECK OUT OUR KICKSTARTER! WE ARE LOOKING TO START UP NEW PODCASTS! Check out our forums for show notes. Music brought to you by I Fight Dragons, help the world support them at, purchase their CD KABOOM! on Amazon. Music during the show is by Andrew Allen, you can purchase the CD Smooth Federation on Amazon. Email us at, subscribe on iTunes, or find us on Stitcher (use code tadpooltech and hellp us out a bit). This episode brought to you by SQUARESPACE. Want a quick, easy, professional or fun website or blog? Want an amazing host for your podcast? Try Squarespace free for 15 days (no credit card needed), then take 10% off of your first order by using tadpooltech11 AND Amazon, you can shop for ANYTHING on by clicking the banner on our site! Tadpool Tech episode 51


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