Thursday, September 3, 2015

Show X - Episode 213 - A Riotous Rocking good time

Wayne is hosting a solo show today so that Ken can go earn some monies. Wayne and Lt. Fork spend
the last week experiencing all of the great music that hit the Denver area. For all of the geeks out there, they checked out Weird Al, who put on an amazing show. Fork and Wayne continued their musical extravaganza with Riot Fest, a festival of over 80 bands playing all weekend. Some of the big names that Wayne witnessed were De La Soul, Anthrax, Iggy Pop, Ice Cube, System of a Down, Run DMC, Rancid, Tenacious D, Snoop Dogg, and more. They survived the dust, heat, and circle mosh pits to have one of the best musical experiences they could hope to have.
Outside of the musical saturation, Wayne took some time to check out the betas for Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Ark: Evolved.

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Show X - Episode 212 - Americans demand satisfaction!

Wayne is finally back home, but not on the main broadcast rig due to his updates to Windows 10.
 Ken and Kitten Features let us know about a terrible experience Kitten and a friend had. Kitten and her friend were treated terribly at a club. Kitten doesn't let things go until the club manager made things right, which did not happen. They were not prepared for her rage. Social media allows everyday people to seek justice when wronged.
In lighter news, Ken sees a musical about Game of Thrones and checked out a Mexican resturaunt that had no spicy food at all, but did provide tequila with a worm that Kitten took like a champ.
Wayne finally does some house maintenance and fixes his air conditioner. He played board games with friends, drawing pictures and saying horrible things.
In Geek Cred, Ken controls a virtual rod and experiences some nice tranquility. He then continues to click away his days and has finally gotten some time in his shelter. Wayne has been playing more Black Ops II and watching a lot of anime with Fate/Stay, Durarara X2, and Naruto Shippuden.

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Show X - Episode 211 - Making a Podcast in the CreatorSpace

This week's show is brought to you by the
Wayne is on the road yet again, this time officiating a wedding in California. The CreatorSpace was
kind enough to lend Show X its Wi-Fi to host a stable show this week. Also Show X wishes the Mistress of Giggles a very happy birthday! Much thank yous to Kitten Features for covering Ken's shift for today's show. Ken has to defend his Sottishness. Wayne goes camping with ninjas for a weekend, then visits his old neighborhood and some old friends. While officiating the wedding, Wayne got some geek cred in by cosplaying as Shepherd Book and delivering the ceremony.

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No notes this week

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Monday, August 31, 2015

TORT Plays - White Night - Episode 5

Indeed Podcast #155 - Air_Guitar_with_Bacon

Welcome back to another show folk but without Kerry.  He is ROCKING out this evening.  so Rock on Sir, Rock on.    Weekly Roundup:   Oregon Bans Drones at Fires as well as the FAA getting a upgrade to, at our best guess their Windows 2000 servers, and getting the unexpected.  Also a new Archie Comic in the works.  Looks good.   Creepy or Cool:  Oregon Beavers make bacon flavor kelp out of, kelp.   SHOUT OUT to Jennifer Morton and her new project : Witches of Neverland.   Parting Thought: Caleb gives us the rundown on Nerdtacular 2015.  We also look at Rose City Comic Con in September and other Comic Con to visit in 2016.

Sit Back, Relax and take a nice big bite off that bacon kelp.  The server upgrade just started and you can't leave until it is done.

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