Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Show X - Episode 264 - Professors, Police, and the woes of technology

Ken is being a real teacher this week by starting his lectures up again. He mentions some of the challenges and advantages to teaching at his young age. As Ken continues his new driver experiences, he has someone almost hit him and then follow him almost home. This leads to the guys going on about issues with the perception of the police today. Afterwards, Ken explains some extreme adulting he's had to deal with lately.
Wayne is trying to jump on the healthy train by starting to work out with technology. The Technology wins. He has also fallen in love with the hip-hop musical, Hamilton. In Geek Cred, Wayne had an even tougher time with technology. His computer exploded itself in Windows 10. While waiting to get things running again, he caught up on some anime on his phone. VtW is still playing a lot of Mechwarrior Online and Wayne shows off the Battletech swag he got for Kickstarting a new game. Ken is still enjoying his WoW as well as is getting smart with Ted Talks.
In the Geek-O-Scope, Ken shows us some ways to motivate ourselves to lose weight, a massive new level of portable storage, and the first home robot that has him excited.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Indeed Post-It - Road Trips

     With Summer coming to a close for those of us up on the northern part of the planet. We find ourselves crunched for time. We soon forget why we are living. The purpose to everything behind it. The saying, Don’t forget to smell the flowers along the way, is not just a flower store support slogan. It has a point. Unless you are allergic to flowers, then they are trying to kill you. Sorry. For others, it is a reminded to
take a step back and remember to look at everything around you.

      This reminds me of the time Kerry and I were traveling in the southern France region back around 218 BC. We were on the way south coast to cross to Egypt. We decided to go visit our friend Ptolemy IV who we knew was ruling Egypt at that time. Besides, he owed us some gold for some work we did…another story. Anyhow, we came across this Carthaginian army on their way to Rome, but seem to have become stuck crossing a river where the Romans had allies blocking the other side. The Carthaginian leader was Hannibal, who we knew through an old roommate who was an old trading buddy of Hannibal’s father. So we meet with him and told him we knew several Celts along the river and reminded him about the hatred they had for the Romans. Put a little boozes in those guys and man they can complain about the Romans. One even wrote Roman in the dirt and dropped his pants to pee on it. Yes, they had a chip of their shoulders for them. With a shared meal and quick chat session, the Celts agreed to help Hannibal and his army. We didn’t mind helping because the Romans sent Publious Scipio, who was a total dirt bag. We had no problems helping Hannibal at this point. We took a step back to look at the whole picture. We realized this had the same set up Alexander the Great and his crossing of the Hydaspes River. Hannibal agreed and everything fell into place. There were some Cavares on the other side, but Hannibal had it covered. Soon he was on his way, and with thanks and blessing from him, Kerry and I were on our way south. Hannibal also arranged us a pretty nice ship to Egypt. What a trooper.

      Trips with friends can be spontaneous and exciting. Full of memories and stories to share over many fires. So call a friend up, pick a spot near you and just drive. Take lots of pictures and tell a story. In time, it becomes Legen...Wait For It...Dary.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Show X - Episode 263 - Octale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a throwback show to the beginning of Show X with our special guest Todd, The Octale! Wayne breaks the show right away by asking Todd about United States politics as seen from the outside since he now lives in Norway. This causes a discussion on the presidential race for the first quarter of the show. Then in transitioning, the guys all reccommend that you research your sources and think beyond single internet posts.
Todd has really been enjoying playing World of Warships on the PC and Diablo III on the PS4, while getting some time to enjoy a Sausage party on the silver screen.
Wayne has secured better interwebs for the forseeable future and is using it to play a lot of Mechwarrior Online with lots of the Gamefest and VtW crew.
Ken is celebrating that Kitten Features is finally legal to stay in Scotland longer and work more. He is also ready to enhance the minds of Scotland's youth as he presents his first lecture tomorrow.
Todd is looking to get into the tech industry in Norway, but is for the moment making sure people stay fed by delivering groceries to people around Oslo.
Ken is still enjoying his WoW experience as he completes some older Wrath raid content now that he is over leveled. He is also looking for a new phone, but doesn't seem to want a new iPhone 7.

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Show X - Episode 262 - Improve your life with Water

Ken and Wayne are on the air today, but sans alcohol. Happy birthday to a new Pucek and to Zack. Wayne did not make it to the wedding last week because his truck decided it had been through enough and died. Shortly after the video feed died. Wayne also watched TMNT 2 and The Revenant, one of which is amazing, the other is at least entertaining.
Ken reveals that he does not like the taste of life (water), but does like some good salmon. He is keeping on the healthy track. The guys reccommend that everyone keep working on themselves and always strive to improve. Ken feels he is ready to lecture students due to all of his time talking to all of you. Ken is preparing to help teach his mother all about editing photographs and the guys discuss their trials of learning to be better photographers. Ken is done playing Pokèmon GO, what a quitter, except that he has started play WoW again. He explains his experiences with the new expansion and playing on the US Moonguard server.
Wayne lets eveyone know about how much fun he had at this year's Nan Desu Kan in Colorado. He got to show off his new Pokèmon GO costume as well as an old favorite. He also reccommends that everyone go check out the new Final Fantasy Kingsglaive movie. He finishes up the show with a slew of his geek cred of gaming.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Show X - Episode 261 - Ken's Scottish Legions

Ken is hosting a Chinese edition of Show X, well at least the intro. Ken is continuing to be healthy by drinking mostly water, except on today's show, where he is drinking like a proper Scott.
Many thanks to everyone who is supporting the show and network!
Ken has contributed to the overall human knowledge by submitting his paper for his doctorate.
Ken got a little to entertained while working out at the Gym.
Ken has some choice words for those who take advantage of their license to drive.
Heading to the Geek Cred, we get some opinions on the new Battlefield 1 beta, check up on VtW Tumblr, and Ken's uptake in photography. Ken roll back in time in his Deviant Art days.
Then the WoW Legions discussion begins...
What makes a game "Pretty"?
Ken then stumbles through some news and articles to end out the show.

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Show X - Episode 260 - Gamefest Fall 2016

Wayne starts things a little early today to cover Gamefest. He is joined by Da Biebz, BuckyMonster, . Wayne skipped out on some of his own LAN party to go to the Garfunkel and Oates concert downtown. He also has to leave early to get to a wedding in the mountains. The guys did run into some challenges in building systems... It is recommended to not build PCs when drinking. Many shouts out to Rath and Hydroxycut for traveling to check out their first Gamefest. As for games, Black Ops 3, Golden Eye Source, Battlefield 4, League of Legends, Evolve, Supreme Commander 2, and most notably, Mechwarrior Online were all played.
Wayne got to introduce more people to VR with his Oculus as well as blow their minds with the Leap Motion attached to see your hands in VR.
Ken joins for the second half of the show to catch eveyone up and have a bit of a normal show as well. He is starting his healthy swing this week. He will be eating and drinking responsibly in the future.... for now.

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No Excuses Episode #246 - Layers

This week, new toys! Sony officially unveils the Playstation slim, then surprises everyone with the Playstation Pro along side it! Ark developers release a bit of content that has their fans in a rage and a certain game releases to an unwilling audience.

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