Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show X - Episode 289 - Ken's Factorio life

This show, Happy UK Mother's day, Ken was almost killed. Tank goes slightly viral and Ken may get rich. Wayne is getting things ready to leave for Japan this week! He still has much to do to get ready. Hopefully he will manage to get on Show X while on his travels. Ken has finally found time to start playing Factorio... and suddenly found more time... and more time... and also fit in some Duck Game with Octale.
Wayne went to yet another convention, this time the Colorado Anime Fest. There were mosly naked people, lots of drinks, many photos, more drinking, amazing cosplayers and much fun.
Wayne also got murdered in a Steampunk mystery.
The Geek-O-Scope focuses on digital privacy on your communication devices today.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Show X - Episode 288 - Wayne's Busy Life

Wayne and Ken are back on the air together after Wayne's couple of weeks off. Ken says he hasn't
In Geek Cred, Ken has been playing Rim World and is no longer using Snapchat. Wayne had to rebuild his computer due to a power failure. After ressurection he finished up his achievements for a mount in Heroes of the Storm. Wayne also played some Mass Effect and Halo Wars 2. Ken is struggling with the uncanny valley.
been up to much, Wayne on the other hand has been doing all kinds of things. Wayne's martial arts group demoed at a Japanese festival, then Wayne traveled across the wide plains of Kansas to hit up the anime convention, Naka-Kon. He shares many photos as he describes his adventures. Not only did he go to an anime convention, he also attended the final AnomalyCon just before the show. Ken tells us stories of learning foreign languages.

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Show X - Episode 287 - Ken rides solo again

Ken is flying solo again this week so that Wayne can tavel and go to conventions. He gets all
disfunctional with his news today. Stories of real life hunger games, violence against eggs, Crisper genetics, Kama Sutra for Kids, Frozen parties around the dead, deceptive dogs, and brain games. Ken then finishes things up with a blitz of news articles.

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Show X - Episode 286 - Ken's Solo news show

Ken goes solo and reveals all of Show X's dirty laundry and how things are done. He also explains how he was getting fit on landscapes when he missed last week's show. During his adventures, he didn't get compensation for breaking his hotel room. Ken asks should society be able to judge if you don't want to have kids? Porn Kills in Japan and Japan almost kills Ken's sensibilities. Along with other random funny news stories, Ken is both entertained and creeped out. What's your IQ and does it make you smart?
Ken manages to sneak in some minor gaming with Magium and Hearthstone.
He continues to not understand Anime at all.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

No Excuses Pile O' Stuff

No Excuses Episode #267 - Junk Sold Separately

This week, extra value! Bioware's glassy-eyed mannequin simulator is selling a collectors edition without a game. An arbitrary awards show give out meaningless awards that we disagree with, and the Switch arrives in a hail of hardware complaints. Plus Fern will finally be getting decent internet sometime eventually, Ari forgets his own creations and Vaul catches up on on Monty Oum's Opus.

- Due to legal concerns, a part of this episode has been cut. Sorry about that-

No Excuses Episode #268 - Free Range Jiggly Bits

This week is Ansem. Playstation's biggest earworms are getting rereleased on the PS4, annoy your friends in HD! Capcom does a Capcom and messes up the rererelease of MvC3 and
Nintendo sees no problem with dead pixels. Also Ari plays with large-buttocked robots, Vaul becomes a mythic raider and Fern explores the pants - free world of Conan.

No Excuses Episode #269 - I'm Melting

This week, crab people. The new Mass Effect launched and landed on the wrong side of the uncanny valley. The switch melts an SD card and everyone reports on it without checking any facts and a game gets banned in Australia for completely understandable reasons for a change. Plus Ari runs late, Fern watches a show that needs more ninjas ans Vaul's legs stop working.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Indeed Podcast #178 – Hollywood Need Ice Wall

Welcome back everyone to another Indeed Podcast and once again...we all made it. Wootness. Weekly Round-Up Looks at You Tube and it's 1 BILLION a day watching marathon. I even heard the old Gods moaning in the distance at this. Then off to Hollywood upset at Your tube and Netflix for being awesome and they are just piles of filth. Finally regular trips to the moon plan to start in 2018. Pack a bag!. Creepy or Cool Looks at Japan's ability to build a ICE WALL to help with the nuclear disaster going on in the country, A new approach to a terrible problem.

 Sit Back, Relax and call up a Ice Villain. We have a job for them to do..and dang it..they owe us. 

Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at indeedpodcast@gmail.com or find us on Facebook, itunes.


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Friday, March 3, 2017

No Excuses Double

No Excuses Episode #265 - Hector is Best Fighter

This week, Burn it to the ground. The internet explodes over the latest YouTube drama, but is it really all that big a deal? NIS does a thing and announces a bunch of stuff for western release and Nintendo announces DLC for the upcoming Zelda game. Plus the guys get sucked into the world of Fire emblem Awakening and may never emerge.

No Excuses Episode #266 - Unholy Abominations

This week, nonsense! Twitch bans a certain game from their service, though nobody can explain why. More concerns for the Switch as new details come out about memory space and the Joycon, and rough times for the new sensation For Honor. Plus Fern mashes Dragon Ball characters together, Vaul pokes at some extremely bad anime and Ari wins an internet.

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