Saturday, March 28, 2015

No Excuses Episode #171- Joker's Evil Empire

This week: more tangents! Rumors abound about Kojima leaving the Metal Gear Project, though

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nothing seems to confirm or deny it. Yet another remaster hits the market that is probably not necessary. Also the curse of adding "Next" to a product, genie pirates, cheating AI's, the unreliability of audiophiles and adventures in chest-high-wall land.

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Badguy Plays - Dragon Ball Xenoverse Online Ranked - Part 1

Saturday, March 21, 2015

VOIP Server switch to TeamSpeak

Everyone, the Voice service for VtW has been moved over to TeamSpeak as of today, the 21st of March. Please download the TS client at to continue using VtW's server. The current look and feel should be similar to the Vent server, but things will continue to be undated in the future. The IP, Port, and Password are all the same as we used for Vent and are posted on the front page. They are also listed below:

Port: 9785
Password: weareversus!