Monday, May 21, 2018


Welcome to episode #24- #79 The Dinner Game (1998) directed by Francis Veber
  Summary: Pierre Brochant, a Parisian publisher, attends a weekly "idiots' dinner", where guests, who are modish, prominent Parisian businessmen, must bring along an "idiot" who the other guests can ridicule. At the end of the dinner, the evening's "champion idiot" is selected. With the help of an "idiot scout", Brochant manages to find a "gem", Fran├žois Pignon, a sprightly employee of the Finance Ministry (which Brochant, a tax cheat, loathes) who has a passion for building replicas of landmarks with matchsticks.

Keefe, Chris and Paxton work to find the craziest and most oddball host of a Podcast...wait, wrong movie.    Let go out to dinner and bring a friend as we watch this french masterpiece.  Food, conversation and conflicts OH MY.

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Monday, May 7, 2018


Welcome to episode #21- #81 Office Space (1995) directed by Mike Judge

Summary: Peter Gibbons is a programmer at a company called Initech who is frustrated and unmotivated at his job. His co-workers include Samir Nagheenanajar and Michael Bolton, also programmers, and Milton Waddams, a meek collator who is mostly ignored by the rest of the office. The staff constantly suffer under callous management, especially Initech's smarmy vice president Bill Lumbergh, whom Peter loathes. They are further agitated by the arrival of consultants Bob Slydell and Bob Porter, who are brought in to help the company downsize.

  Keefe, Chris and Jacob jumps on board to discuss the advance opportunities at Initech, and what it can mean for you.   You work to care, and care not to work!

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Friday, May 4, 2018


Welcome to episode #21- #81 There is Something About Mary (1998) directed by Bobby and Peter Farrelly
  Summary: In 1985, 16-year-old high school student Ted Stroehmann (Ben Stiller) is about to go on a prom date with his dream girl Mary Jensen (Cameron Diaz) when he gets his penis stuck in a zipper. He is hospitalized when it bleeds after being unzipped, which cancels their date. Ted subsequently loses contact with Mary. Thirteen years later, in 1998, 29-year-old Ted is still in love with Mary. On the advice of his best friend Dom Woganowski (Chris Elliott), he hires a private detective named Pat Healy (Matt Dillon) to track her down. Pat discovers that she is an orthopedic surgeon living in Miami with her friend, Magda, and instantly falls in love with Mary as well. 

Keefe, Chris and April joins us to jump all the way back to our awkward years of the 80's and look into the minds of our crazy youth.  Hey....We were awesome at that one time. Listen to the Show


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Friday, April 27, 2018

No Excuses Catchup

Sorry for the late post on these folks. My computer is currently an undead abomination.


No Excuses Episode #319

This week, Rubbish! Squeenixz announces a pile of new DLC for Final Fantasy XV for some reason, Riot tries to please the unpleasable  and Spyro is back kinda sorta. Also Ari gets lost in a cave, Fern ponders the structure of necks and Vaul falls foul of the Gatcha.

This weeks games are Dungeons III and Bridge Constructor: Portal.

No Excuses Episode #320

This week, death. Blazblue Cross Tag etc. is getting a collectors edition, that comes in a BOX!!!! A pile of new content is announced for Gwent and Sony is closing servers for some old games. Also Ari Stares at stars, Vaul gets squished by a dragon and Fern's computer dies a horrible, horrible death.

This Week's game is Slime Rancher

No Excuses Episode #321

This Week: Duct Tape! EA promises to mend their evil ways, nobody believes them. Another studio leaps off the E3 platform, Night trap is getting a re-release for some reason and a studio rages at YouTube influencers. Plus Vaul visits Fuyuki, Fern practices necromancy and Ari prepares for the ick.

This weeks game is Factorio

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Monday, April 16, 2018


Welcome to episode #21- #82 Top Secret! (1984) directed by Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker

  Summary: In East Germany, the American rock and roll singer Nick Rivers meets Hillary Flammond in a fancy restaurant. Hillary is a member from the resistance and her hope is to rescue her father, the scientist Dr. Paul Flammond, who is imprisoned by the Germans to develop a powerful weapon. Nick is arrested and sent to prison for helping Hillary and he meets Dr. Flammond in his laboratory. Hillary helps him to escape during a show and when he tells that he has met Dr. Flammond in the prison to Hillary, they decide to seek out the resistance leader. When they meet him, they discover that Nigel was Hillary's first lover. Further, they learn that there is a traitor in the resistance. Who might be the traitor?

  Keefe, Chris and Paxton as we look get our SPY gear ready to jump back into a much colder war  than the cold war we already dealt with...and with 20% more Cows.

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Thursday, April 12, 2018


Welcome to episode #20 - #83 Safety Last! (1923) directed by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor

  Summary: In 1922, the country boy Harold says goodbye to his mother and his girlfriend Mildred in the train station and leaves Great Bend expecting to be successful in the big city. Harold promises to Mildred to get married with her as soon as he "make good". Harold shares a room with his friend "Limpy" Bill and he finally gets a job as salesman in the De Vore Department Store. However, he pawns Bill's phonograph, buys a lavaliere and writes to Mildred telling that he is a manager of De Vore. One day, Harold sees an old friend from Great Bend that is a policeman and when he meets his friend Bill, he asks Bill to push the policeman over him and make him fall down. However Bill pushes the wrong policeman that chases him, but he escapes climbing up a building. Out of the blue, Mildred is convinced by her mother to visit Harold without previous notice and he pretends to be the manager of De Vore. When Harold overhears the general manager telling that he would give one thousand dollars to to anyone that could promote De Vore attracting people to the department store, he offers five hundred dollars to Bill to climb up the Bolton Building. However things go wrong when the angry policeman decides to check whether the mystery man that will climb up the building is the one who pushed him over on the floor.

  Keefe, Chris and Paxton as we look way back to the wonderful years of the silent films, a gem is born and a new generation of people get to enjoy it.

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Monday, April 9, 2018


Welcome to episode #19 - #84 Waiting for Guffman (1996) directed by Christopher Guest
  Summary: A town of Blaine, Missouri is preparing for celebrations of its 150th anniversary. Corky St.Clair, an off-off-off-off-off-Broadway director is putting together an amateur theater show about the town's history, starring a local dentist, a couple of travel agents, a Dairy Queen waitress, and a car repairman. He invites a Broadway theater critic Mr. Guffman to see the opening night of the show.

  Keefe, Chris and Paxton as we look into this heavy star cast, yet box office bomb, and just see what kind of jewel it really is.

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