Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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 No Excuses Episode #273 - Death has a Cold

This week, Karma! A swatting has finally gone too far, and the perpetrator is facing the full weight of the law. Microsoft gains credit by copying Valve and implements and auto refund system. Also Fern builds a space empire, Vaul gets buried in tokens and Ari's cat keeps telling him to go to bed.

No Excuses Episode #274 - Fabulous Invasion

This week, more rumors! Atlus registers a bunch of persona related domain names leading fans to speculate on possible spinoff games, both awesome and extremely stupid. Nintendo might be making a SNES mini to not sell to people and the tangents become very real. Also Ari goes back for another lap, Fern plays Telltale's latest offering and Vaul is traumatized by terrible anime.

No Excuses Special #18 Vaul's Anime Reviews

Spring is here, so for the first time in a while here comes a big pile of anime reviews! join Vaul as he takes a look at the offerings for spring 2017, including extremely skeevy children, grumpy furries, mysterious bureaucrat eating cubes from nowhere, porn without porn and many more

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Indeed Podcast #180 - Farting_Google_Planet_Tracker

Welcome to another Indeed Podcast you crazy kids and get ready to blast off.   Weekly Round-up we look at some of the government giving up power to let ISP regulate themselves. Then it's off to our Google Overlords with the creation of their one world font.  Then some chatting about a planet "farting" and one big bomb being dropped.   BOOM - and it wasn't a AMCE one from the coyote. Creepy or Cool looks at a company who has implanted a chip into every employee.

Sit Back, Relax and don't worry about your GPS tracker.   Google knows where you have been and where you plan to go.  Just don't try to do anything else.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

No Excuses Episode #272 - Probably Spoiler Free
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This week, Persona 5. It finally came out and everyone's playing it. Atlus hates spoilers as much as we do and is taking active steps against streamers who stream too much. Ari gets hands on with Persona 5 with a probably spoiler-free review, Vaul rages as Bliz's stupid decisions again and Fern watches some rather stupid anime.

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Indeed Post-it : Mid Game Adventure

Happy Humpday everyone.  Wow, 2017 is going by fast.  But isn’t that just the way of life?   The other day I was playing Skyrim, and as such a high level I was able to go where I wanted to go.   I have not completed the game on this toon, but I can enjoy side quest, exploring and just doing whatever without worry.   It’s at that point of a game where you can truly enjoy everything around you.   Where the main goal is still ahead, but you can honestly look around you and say, “Hey…I want to go over here”  Then do it.   Suddenly I understand how it has become such a reflection of my life right now.   A point where I know the end is down the line, but the overwhelming stress of my life goals seem to become less to my “right now” desire.   I am at my mid game point in life.
This past weekend I was able to enjoy some amazing time with one of my Sisters and one of my Brothers.  We were able to head to the beach where we sat all day on the sands and did much of nothing.   It was glorious.  Granted, of all the places in the world, the beach is by far the most relaxing and wondrous for me.  Just like some of the games I play.  You get to a point where most of the things you need to achieve have been completed and now you have the ability to go where you want to go.   Myself and my sister are at the point on our lives where we worked hard for what we have now.  Home, Car, Kids raised to be on their own and we can truly go on a trip at the drop of a pen if we choose to.  We don’t have to talk to the kids about it, or anyone else infact.  The investment to this point has allowed such actions to be taken.  Skyrim is a good example of this.   You get to the point where you are not always worried what comes after you.   Needing to find the funds to do something, get something, or help someone out seem to be easier to do.   In game, when a Dragon lands nearby…you can go charging in shouting, “I Got This”  and really mean it.  It’s a very wonderful part of the game, and even more so in life.  It’s that epiphany moment where you know you have done well, and your rewards are near.  It’s a pretty amazing thing to understand and feel.  A lot of work goes into the game we play in real life, and to have the ability to take a moment to enjoy what we have around us is Epic.   So few get to have that ability.  I just happen to have it.

This weekend my feet were in the sand, eyes to the waves and breeze surrounding me.  I look upon the goal that I have set out for.  Knowing full well one day I will achieve it.  But today is sit.  I enjoy the foundation I built.  With Friends on the mind and family on my side.   I know I have won.  My journey is not over nor has it just begun.  It is ongoing and today I was able to share it with some of those I love.  Tomorrow….well…that's tomorrow…..

Monday, April 3, 2017

Indeed Podcast #179 - Beauty and the Drone

Welcome everyone to another Indeed Podcast.  Joining us this show is our eye in the sky friend, SAMM.  Weekly Roundup we check out the March for Science and why some Scientist plan not to march.  We have several news stories about Drones.  On infact made of cardboard.   Which is so freakin' cool.  Also the battle for iPhone between Alexa and Suri.   A fight we are all look forward to.  Movie Time we take a quick look at Disney's new Beauty and the Beast.   Creepy or Cool brings out our parenting skills with making your kids true backseat drivers.

Sit Back, Relax and bring up your missile command overlay.  We are giving kids the training ability to take out them aggressive drivers.  That can't come back to haunt us...right?


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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show X - Episode 289 - Ken's Factorio life

This show, Happy UK Mother's day, Ken was almost killed. Tank goes slightly viral and Ken may get rich. Wayne is getting things ready to leave for Japan this week! He still has much to do to get ready. Hopefully he will manage to get on Show X while on his travels. Ken has finally found time to start playing Factorio... and suddenly found more time... and more time... and also fit in some Duck Game with Octale.
Wayne went to yet another convention, this time the Colorado Anime Fest. There were mosly naked people, lots of drinks, many photos, more drinking, amazing cosplayers and much fun.
Wayne also got murdered in a Steampunk mystery.
The Geek-O-Scope focuses on digital privacy on your communication devices today.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Show X - Episode 288 - Wayne's Busy Life

Wayne and Ken are back on the air together after Wayne's couple of weeks off. Ken says he hasn't
In Geek Cred, Ken has been playing Rim World and is no longer using Snapchat. Wayne had to rebuild his computer due to a power failure. After ressurection he finished up his achievements for a mount in Heroes of the Storm. Wayne also played some Mass Effect and Halo Wars 2. Ken is struggling with the uncanny valley.
been up to much, Wayne on the other hand has been doing all kinds of things. Wayne's martial arts group demoed at a Japanese festival, then Wayne traveled across the wide plains of Kansas to hit up the anime convention, Naka-Kon. He shares many photos as he describes his adventures. Not only did he go to an anime convention, he also attended the final AnomalyCon just before the show. Ken tells us stories of learning foreign languages.

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