Wednesday, July 27, 2016

No Excuses #239 & Summer Anime Reviews

No Excuses Episode #239 - Utterly Classless 

This week, science! The legion prepatch had dropped and the guys have dived in face first. We look at what's changed, what's fun and what needs more time to cook. Plus doomed spacemen in early access, ruining a villain through retcons and adventures in the real world.

No Excuses Special #17 - Vaul's Anime Reviews

It's summer, which means it's time for a surprisingly large anime season! Join Vaul as he takes a look at some of this season's offerings, including vampire butlers, douchey boy bands, mopey badasses, failed sentai and excessive nakedness. Then, Fern jumps on the wagon with even more anime, featuring psychics, excessive ham, big band music and the hunt for the perfect waifu.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Indeed Podcast #166 – Podcasting _Paradise

Today we get the ball rolling for summer, and as you lay yourself on the beach for that most excellent tan, here is some amazing podcast that you need to check out.

Your Creative Push 
When it comes to your creative side, they help give it that additional "push" so you ain't so lazy. 

No Guitar is Safe 
Wonder what the rocker life was really about. Try this podcast out where the jam session comes to your ears.

(Extra History) 
Where was this growing up? History told to you in a new and inventive way. *supported by Indeed Podcast*

Toon Cast Beyond
A Podcast revisiting the Cartoons of the 70,80,90 and 2000’s

 Honorable Mentions:
Decoder Ring Theater
Stuff you missed in History Class
Stuff you should know
Astronomy Cast
Radiolab Dallas
Church Podcast & Eagle Christian Church Sermons


Friday, July 15, 2016

No Excuses Episode #237 - Gone Poking

This week, ooh a Pikachu! Pokemon Go launches and the world goes nuts for it. The guys give you a rundown of what you need to know to get started and share some of the crazier stories out there. Also Voltron, a reflecting on hammy Saturday morning cartoons and the Legion pre-patch is imminent.

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Wayne's Recent Photos

Hey everyone, I keep threatening to post my photos from Anime North and Denver Comic Con, so here you go :)

Anime North 2016
Anime North 2016

Denver Comic Con 2016
Denver Comic Con 2016

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Show X - Episode 254 - A Wild Wasik Appears

Happy Birthday to Cupcheck and Lt Fork.
Show X is joined by our Author friend Jon Wasik to talk geek and his new book, Burning Skies. Having an author in the house, Ken starts things out with a list of some of the latest words to join the Oxford Dictionary, for all of you Grrrls, wearing Jeggings, while OMG sexting your Noob, Muggle, bromancing, Illiterati, boyfriends, wearing their Mankini's and Guyliner, while Chillaxing after getting away from the Po-po, but Whatevs.
Wayne is going to try and support his ex family in New Mexico and will miss the next show... To make this trek he has been working on his truck to keep the old girl going. He also enjoyed a long ninja day with training and friends.
Tromad hits up the show with an email to announce the launch of his new podcast, TroTalk which will be joining the VtW family in the next couple weeks.
Ken has been busy with work lately, but managed to get in some gaming on Payday 2.
Wayne has gotten his anime on again with the series Magi, while Ken calls him out for gaining many hours of Clicker Heroes, the game he said to never play.
The guys also catch everyone up on what happened with Awesome Games Done Quickly over the last week.
Wayne has also succumbed to the launch of Pokemon GO from Niantic and Nintendo. He is in good company with apparently most of the rest of the world.
Show X finishes out with Jon telling us all a bit about Burning Skies and how this book progresses on from the introductory book, The Sword of Dragons.

Show Notes:

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Indeed Podcast #165 - Ark Survival Days 61-80

Welcome back all to another Ark Survival. This time we are rolling through levels 25-35. So much to know and so little ti....OMG what is that THING!?! Anyhow. We started the new map from ARK. The Center. So far, we are extremely impressed in the overall build and design of the place. On top of the jump in Dino levels and layout. IT has been an adventure so far, until we found the Giga....

 Happy Friendly DINOs
 Ankylosaurus /Doedicurus

Jackwagon DINOs
 Sabortooth / Pulmonoscorpius/Scorpion 

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Show X - Episode 253 - A big Sausage and sweet Nuts

Ken and Wayne are both back this week. Ken finally spent a week not offending old people but instead reports the bad behaviour of young people. The guys then get into some politics about the recent Brexit vote in the UK and how people should be vetted to vote. He is now coding for curiosity instead of just work and needs to build a new PC. He's been playing some Payday 2 as well as Solaris.
Wayne is trying to get fit again, but this time for Cosplay! He spent the weekend celebrating La Camp-Et's birthday, Canada Day, the Renaissance. Wayne also gives his spoiler free review of the Batman versus Superman movie.

Show Notes:

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