Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Show X - Episode 218 - Wayne's Caffeine filled news session

Wayne and Ken are talking movies, anime, and games this week before covering all of the news that has been piling up. Ken actually does like Anime, but only if it is Dragon Ball Z. Wayne, on the other hand, like lots of anime and wants everyone to check out Gate. Kopii helps celebrate Ken's Birthday a little early by showing Ken some gaming love. Wayne talks about the group session of League of Legends Worlds, which leads to talking about a local League tournament / Magic the Gathering tournament that happened.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

No Excuses 4 Year Anniversary Rantathon!

4 years, 200 episodes. It's a bit hard to believe No Excuses has been going for so long without missing a single episode. To celebrate, we're doing something a little special for our 200th episode. We're holding a Rantathon!

At 6pm EDT on Sunday 11th of October, two hours after Show X, the No Excuses guys will take over the airwaves and podcast until we can podcast no more. No topic is safe, no game is sacred, and possibly no drink is undrunk.

Want to get involved and keep us going? You can! Send us your emails at noexcusesvtw@gmail.com, or tweet at as on @noexcusesvtw. Join us in the IRC at anytime and intereact live with the hosts, or join us in whatever game we happen to be on at the time. Stay tuned to the show for more ways to take part, we may even bring a few of you on the air with us!

See you then!

Please note that there will be no show on Saturday. Rantathon may contain light harsh language, the consumption of alcoholic beverages and excessive stupidity.

No Excuses Episode #199 - The Return of Captain Obvious

This week, well duh! The needlessly elaborate Deus Ex preorder scheme has been axed, much to everyone's relief. Activision does a dumb with their latest CODBLOPS promo, and a developer is caught red handed bribing steam users for reviews. Plus squid girls and fun with the Wildstar relaunch.

Have something to say? Send your emails to noexcusesvtw@gmail.com. Or tune in live at 9pm EST Saturday to interact directly with the show via IRC!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

No Excuses Episodes #197 & #198

No Excuses Episode # 197 - The Great Inspector

This Week, Breakdown! Konami Decides to stop making AAA Games, to nobody's great surprise. There is yet another filler game coming for the Kingdom Hearts series, meaning the story will make even less sense. Also Shenmue wants more money, Persona 5 gets delayed and an expansion for a twelve year old game.

No Excuses Episode #198 - Behold the Bowie Bulge

This Week, Sigh. There is a trend in FPS games lately to chop off the single player campaign and hot seat multiplayer. Chrono Phantasma gets a PC release date and Fighting is Magic returns in a new form. Also Black Bullet, bad tanks and Oops! the Game.

Have something to say? Send your emails to noexcusesvtw@gmail.com. Or tune in live at 9pm EST Saturday to interact directly with the show via IRC!

Show X - Episode 217 - F the Wombats

It's nice to have both of the guys back on the show this week. Ken starts things off by trying to pimp out the show on Periscope. Wayne does some Ninja things and has to maintain his household, and is getting ready for the best of holidays, Halloween. Ken celebrates the season with his first taste of pumpkin spice. The guys have decided that they really do not like hipsters. It's Scribble's birthday, so best wishes from the show. Ken spent the week in London for work and almost for pleasure. Ken learns what it is like to be broke in London. In Geek Cred, VtW gaming clan is wrecking things in Black Ops II enough that they are recognized in real life. Scribble also fills us in on her adventures at MCM. Wayne recommends that everyone find a live showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Mighty Stoner also decides to stop by and let us know he is still alive.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Indeed Podcast #156 - iRoxy Sexbox Basketball

Welcome back to another show and we all made it in these last days of summer.  Weekly Roundup:   Eye doctors are out to get the computers by blaming them on nearsightedness.  But only after the work to ban sex-robots, or sexbox, which I think is twitter.  Next we have a smart basketball, let the jock jokes begin.  Finally Comcast to cap us, or put a cap in us...either is bad..   Creepy or Cool:  .Nerf is out for blood, or at least give paintball a run for their money.   Parting Thought: Facebook is adding a dislike button.   We put the question on the very facebook and ask what other button you would like.  Wow, some of you have anger issues...likely cause by facebook.

Sit Back, Relax and put down that sexbox, It's time to take a breather and shoot some hoops with your basketball.  Don't worry about it or the bot laughing at you behind your back.

Indeed Podcast Music by PoP Overkill, Head and visit their Facebook Page.
Thanks all who listen and keep us going, remember to email us with questions or comments at indeedpodcast@gmail.com or find us on Facebook, itunes

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Show X - Episode 216 - Clickers, Leagues, and Science

Ken is solo this week as Wayne is out doing Ninja things again. Happy Birthday to Ken's Father. Ken is finally getting to teaching students how to touch things for themselves at university. Ken will be traveling to London for work which should prepare hime better for his upcoming driving test. Ken continues to click all of his heros and tries to measure up to Kopii for the amount of time played. League of Legends is happening again. Ken just wants to get promoted. Do you enjoy topless photos of Scottsmen? If so, Ken wants your Snapchat.
Ken also gets all sciency this show.

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