Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Show X - Episode 235 - Ken's Overused USBs

Ken's Microphone and Camera both start fighting over which gets to use the USB on his computer throughout this episode. The guys marvel over what it is like to interact with really intelligent people. Ken keeps getting stopped at airports.
Ken is still out playing World of Warcraft and in enjoying the nostalgia of the game, Wayne and Ken talk about different items they have earned in games that are no longer available like mounts and skins. They also start talking about old collectables and the things they have kept around from their childhood. What do you collect or have you held on to that may actually be worth some money now?
Wayne isn't a collector so much as a hoarder that wants to keep everything he has ever bought to share his geekdom with his future children.
Wayne's geek cred has him watching The Last Witch Hunter, Spectre, and finishing up The Expanse.
Wayne is looking forward to an anime convention this weekend to talk to the voice of Vegeta and pretty much everything else Dragonball Z.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

No Excuses Episode #214 - Right in the Feels

This week, nuggets! EA drops their booth from E3, choosing to address their audience directly. Pikachu becomes hard boiled in the newest pokemon game and the dark side of Professor Layton.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show X - Episode 234 - A Broken Gamefest Show

Wayne hosts another Gamefest for all of his friends, but he breaks the show while running it. Ken is very patient as Wayne tries to fix everything live on the show. First he keeps everyone from listening to himself, then he forsakes the video watchers with their audio. Finally after about 20 minutes he gets everything together and they start a show. Ken and Wayne are joined by El Camp-0, La Camp-Et, Jon Wasik, and Kur0 to discuss what they did at Gamefest.
Ken is back to WoW yet again, he has been travelling so he can't spend time to play real games. He did manage to go watch the new Tarantino film, Hateful 8, which he highly recommends.
Gamefest does its usually damage to everyone with no real sleep available, limited nutrition, and lots of alcoholic consumption. Especially Da Biebs... Who's youthful exuberance got him completely blitz to the point of speaking in tongues. Lt Fork continues to confuse the guys with how she is able to play FPS games so successfully with a controller instead of the keyboard and mouse.
Games that were played this Fest included Rainbow Six: Siege, League of Legends, Supreme Commander 2, Star Citizen, Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha, and Diablo 3.
They also had the chance to play a lot of the beta for Tom Clancy's the Division. All of the group really enjoyed their time with it. They were impressed with the hybrid 3rd person shooter feel, the adventure, missions, and overall story. The audio and visuals are fresh and add a lot to the immersion of the experience. It looks like a game that everyone at Gamefest will likely be purchasing.
La Camp-Et also got to play some games older than her back at the Grampa Camp-0's house. She played the original Zelda and Kid Icarus which led us all down a path of nostalgia for gaming.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

This week, nothing! Ari tries out the Fate rules system and discovers a new world of tabletop gaming. Vaul follows up on this season's anime and Fern plays ins some sand.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Show X - Episode 233 - An Author's Geek Perspective

Ken is off working this week, so Wayne has invited author, Jon Wasik, back to the show to talk about what he has been up to with The Sword of Dragons series and to help Wayne talk about all things geeky.
The VtW crowd has started playing the recently brought to the US game, Blade and Soul. Everyone is playing on the Iksanun server in the VtW clan. Wayne is getting prepared for this coming week's Gamefest by suggesting people also check out the recently re-released Half-life co-op mod, Sven co-op. It is now a standalone download for free on Steam.
Jon has never heard of League of Legends, ARAMs, so Wayne explains things to him.
Wayne also spent some time helping his friend Bruce get ready for Gamefest by helping get a frankenstein computer put together and running.
A new Sy-Fy show has finally met with Wayne's expectation of good science fiction with the show The Expanse. He also explains what he means by Sci-Fi porn. Jon also shares his thoughts on the new Star Wars.
Wayne then gets into the meat of the show and asks Jon about his book series and the web content he has released with The Orc War Campaigns, the bridge story between the first and second book of the series. Jon lets us in on his writing methods and his plans for all of the books in the Sword of Dragons series.
The guys follow up a little bit on some of the things Wayne saw at CES.
And Wayne has finally done it. He has realized that he is no longer a kid and has no imagination.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Server Maintenance - Complete

The primary move between servers for our 24/7 stream, Thank you Gnomewise and AlphaGeekRadio.com, and our update to Windows 10 on our main server machine are complete. Things are back up and running, hopefully everything runs as expected now. If there are any hiccups, please contact Wayne at Docdead@Gmail.com

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Server Maintenance - Update

VtWProductions is currently going through server maintenance. We have upgraded our 24/7 server to Windows 10 and are now also setting up our own Shoutcast server. Until our maintenance is complete, please continue to listen to our archives, catch our live broadcast of Show X via AlphaGeekRadio on channel 1 for both video and audio. You can also watch Show X via the YouTube Channel.

If you have any questions or comment, please contact Wayne at Docdead@gmail.com