Friday, December 1, 2017

No Excuses 2017 Rantathon!

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It's that time again. To belatedly celebrate 300 episodes and to end the year with a bang, It's the No Excuses 2017 Rantathon!

What is a Rantathon? Simply put, the guys get on the air and cast until they can cat no more. with such a broad time anything can happen! Expect shenanigans, ranting, exhaustion related madness, ranting and possibly a bit alcohol along with the usual pleb-tier podcasting you've come to know and love tolerate. Join us for a night of fun, games, ranting and possible drunkenness. Our previous record is the rather ominous 13 hours, which we probably won't be breaking any time soon.

Join us at these times, based on the hosts locations and International Date Line nonsense

Saturday December 9th at 6pm EST

New Zealand
Sunday December 10th at Noon

Sunday December 10th at 9am EST (Because screw daylight savings, I'm in Queensland dammit)

You can get involved! Join us Live on Twitch and Discord to interact with the hosts and maybe join us for a game or two.

Send us your emails at on any gaming, anime or geek related topic you like. Show us an interesting article, your own recent gaming exploits or tell us we're wrong about something. No topic is off limits!

See you there!

No Excuses Catchup Explosion

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No Excuses Episode #303 - Bliz-scorn

This week, Preening! It's Blizcon time again, which means announcements for stuff! Blizzard unveils their new expansion, along with a surprise announcement in the for m of classic servers.  An amateur news outlet gets dragged over the coals for trying to be professional and a tweet that should not exist.

No Excuses Episode #304 - Fish

This week, confusion! The next game from Niantic has been announced, so put on your robe and wizard hat. Rumors of Overwatch hitting the big screen and an incredibly shiny sequel to Lineage. Plus an utterly bizarre game about fish and turning Playstation achievements into currency.

No Excuses Episode #305 -  The Shwartz be With You

This week, Hoo boy. EA  and Star Wars Battlefront. I can't think of anything witty to say here since that is becoming a punchline on its own. A surprise expansion for titan Quest, new characters for Blazblue Cross Boogaloo and murmurs about the next Danganrompa game

No Excuses Episode #306 - Gamblebox

This week, Governments and regulatory bodies around the world are looking at the lootbox problem, with all sorts of results. A shiny new version of Neverwinter Nights has been announced and Blizzard celebrates themselves with the next Overwatch map. Plus a bonus bit from Vaul talking about the newest Type:Moon cinematic offering.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Show X - YouTube only show today

Sorry all, we are having issues with the audio stream on VtW. Please watch Show X on the YouTube stream at

No Excuses 300, 301 and Anime

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No Excuses Episode #300 - Six Years

week, Anniversary! to celebrate six years of No Excuses, here's a regular episode. EA devours yet another developer, Capcom continues to underwhelm while Arcsys eats their lunch and the baftas introduce an award for maximum pretentiousness.

No Excuses Special 20 - Vaul's Anime Reviews

It's that time again, a new season of anime is apon us! Join Vaulisel as her delves into a world of madness, filled with talking motorcycles, resting bitch face, free roaming boy bands, totally not Naruto and many more.

No Excuses Episode #301 - Twitching

This week, Science! The guys play around with Twitch streaming with some success. Another polygon reviewer makes an idiot of themselves, Dragon Ball Fighterz will come in a box and Steam allows for the laziest gift ever. 

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

No Excuses Episodes #298 & #299

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No Excuses Episode #298 - Little Boxes

This week, mini purchases! AAA games seem to have jumped on the loot box bandwagon, seemingly at the expense of the game itself. Insiders reveal that MVCI is made from leftovers and string. Also suspicion on what the next WoW expansion will be, theme park shenanigans and getting hands on with Cuphead.

No Excuses Episode #299 - Too Little, Too Late

This week, the cheek! Announcing the Collectors Edition of Yooka-Laylee, only without the game and six months late. A correction and update on the lootbox debacle regarding Shadow of War and NIS America admits they dun goofed. Plus Fern falls off things, Ari wears some hats and Vaul yells at a bridge.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Show X - Partial Catch Up

Hey everyone, I know that I am still quite behind in posting the audio for the last month of shows, but here are some more. Feel free to watch the videos at the versustheworldvideo channel on YouTube.

Show X - Episode 307 - A Summertime Gamefest - 2017-08-20
GAMEFEST everyone. Unfortunately Wayne is toooo damn hot on the mic this week, but things are made up for by being joined by Tabaxion live in house as well as guests Zenko, Akko, and Hide.
Audio Link:
Video Link:
Show Notes:

Show X - Episode 306 - Freaking Guns and Roses - 2017-08-06
Wayne is solo this week. He talks more cosplay, Zelda, laser cutting and Voltron. His family came to visit. There was an epic concert, and Wayne has a new cosplay page, Predictably Ham.
Audio Link:
Video Link:
Show Notes:

Show X - Episode 305 - When Lightning Strikes - 2017-07-30
Ken booked a flight to Geneva
Wayne tries to recover from a lightning strike.
Audio Link:
Video Link:
Show Notes:

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

No Excuses Episode #297 - Get Out

A Discord in the Weave
This week, Nintendo hates livestreaming on YouTube, because reasons. Atlus indulges in a little overkill and MVCI's alternate character skins are horrifying. Also, Vaul wraps up the outgoing anime season, Fern enjoys some smugness of his own and Ari succumbs to despair once again

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